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The Journal Of Educational Science

"You made that up, too."

The Duke of Ted


Once upon a time there was a seventeen-year-old girl named Theresa. She was kind of awkward, but was well-intentioned. She drew a lot of pictures, and wrote the occasional story. She was going to grow up to be an illustrator, or at least, she wanted to. Theresa also had this ~*~undying love~*~ of gas masks, and was always dreaming up schemes to get them. She also wanted dreads and gauges.

Her favorite shows were Metalocalypse, Venture Bros, Fake News, Superjail! and Death Note. After watching shows, she would read books by Stephen King, Douglas Adams, and Amy Tan. While she read, she listened to melodic death metal, alternative rock and 80s rock. She was kind of lame like that.

She was Bubbles' wife, Anna's sister, Del's daughter, and a real pal to everyone else. (Her celeb crushes Tim Lincecum and Naoko Mori were also trapped in her basement, along with Mikey Way. Theresa was kind of a dick to people she loved.) The end.

→and Eminem isn't, bitch.

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